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Holistic Healing Services

At In Harmony Healing, Inc., ZD Chudyba utilizes a number of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Holistic Healing techniques, including Acupuncture, Acupressure, Chinese Herbal Remedies, NAET®, and IMAET. ZD also offers select services by way of distance healing, for those unable to visit the clinic in person.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been practiced for thousands of years. Eastern philosophy provides us with different approaches to viewing our nature, functions of our body, the manifestation of disease and the process of healing. Traditional Chinese Medicine views the vital substances and bodily functions along a continuum of two poles, which may be regarded as “matter” – Yin and “energy”- Qi and Yang. The basic techniques within Traditional Chinese Medicine are acupuncture, bodywork, energy work, and traditional Chinese herbal formulas. These techniques have been used for many centuries to help heal diseases of the mind, body and spirit.


Compatible with traditional health care, Acupuncture is a technique of treating certain diseases and conditions by passing thin, disposable, sterile, stainless steel needles through the skin to specific points on the body.  The needles are at least five times thinner than typical hypodermic needles, and insertion is usually painless.
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Chinese Herbal Remedies

Chinese herbal medicine is one of the most important aspects of Chinese Medicine. People in China have been using natural herbs to treat a wide variety of diseases and conditions throughout this time. Chinese medicines or supplements help treat acute diseases and conditions caused by viruses and bacteria, to treat injuries; to heal chronic illnesses; and to maintain optimal health.
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(Allergy Neutralization Technique)

NAET® is a natural, drugless, painless and non-invasive method of healing which can be used safely on individuals of any age (infants to the elderly) and regardless of the individual’s health. Many widespread health problems are due to undiagnosed allergic reactions. If left untreated, these reactions can cause an increase in the severity of the affected individual’s existing conditions and limit his or her recovery. Allergies can be eliminated through NAET® protocols along with the symptoms arising from the allergens. NAET® treatments are almost always permanent.
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21st century Bio Feedback technology

(Immuno-Modulatory Technology)

The IMAET System is a new, diagnostic and treatment system consisting of a biofeedback, relaxation management instrument that provides a unique snapshot of the human body Biofield at a given moment. This system senses the frequencies of thousands of known entities, such as allergens, viruses, bacteria, fungi, and so on, through the body’s energy meridian system. The IMAET system measures the reactivity signal coming back from the body and ranks the energy imbalances, or epigenetic dysfunctions, by severity.
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