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Bali Retreats - A Journey to Self-Rediscovering

March & October

Visit the magical South Pacific island of Bali on a fully-guided tour for only $2,350 (Airline ticket not included)

Imagine spending 12 days and 13 nights just On YOU, reconnecting to your soul, to that what brings you joyfulness and makes you feel ALIVE Again!

We head to Bali just two times a year for adventure, and to lure the healing power of Bali’s exotic beauty and its ancient Spirits to rejuvenate our mind and body, and to nourish your soul.

Each of us, sooner or later, comes to the conclusion that something is wrong with our current life, but we can’t understand what exactly that is…

Have you ever asked yourself this question:
What if one day I finally start living my life rather than my life living me?

My Bali Retreats are designed to create new experiences in your life to ensure that you are able to begin breaking through from the patterns of …life living you!

Together, we explore the secrets of Bali including the healing, the beauty, the food and, perhaps most importantly, the people.

Give yourself the remarkable gift of awakening to your true Self.

A Complete Introduction to Bali:

  • Experience a batik painting lesson and create your own memorable batik

  • Participate in a traditional Balinese home cooking class

  • Tour Hindi temples including the Water Palace, Lake Batur, Big Banyan Tree and Tanah Lot

  • Visit a coffee, fruit, and herb plantation – taste local coffees and teas

  • Enjoy four different types of massages:
      1 Balinese head and shoulder massage & crème bath
      1 Balinese flower bath and whole body scrub with Balinese massage
      1 Reflexology massage
      3 Balinese whole body one-hour massages
    Legong dance
  • View two traditional plays featuring elaborate costuming, Balinese dancing and music

  • Visit the Elephant Sanctuary, which includes an elephant ride and watching a performance to help locals continue their fabulous job of rescuing more elephants

  • Learn basic Qi Gong to help with flexibility and improve the body’s organ functions

  • Visit a Holy waters stream

  • Tour Big Bamboo Chocolate, a palm sugar and coconut butter factory
    Bali temple
  • Extensively tour the island to see villages, cultural and historic sites and nature centers

  • Relax on the beach or a pool in Amed and Sanur

  • Enjoy fresh, wonderful Balinese breakfasts and lunches
Optional (not included in tour price, but available for additional fees):
    • Assistance with flight and ticket purchase
    • Individual time with a local shaman
    • Snorkeling
    • Motorbike scenic ride
    • Scuba diving
    • Catamaran boat sunset ride
    • Acute allergy NAET treatment

There will be plenty of free time for relaxing by the pool, on the beach or in your cottage gardens, as well as for shopping and additional spa treatments.

The 12 day/13 night Bali Retreat price includes:
Lodging, touring, and all events listed above, along with 13 breakfasts, 2 dinners, and in-room 24/7 purified water access.

The cost of the trip is only $2,350